Why No Response IS a Response

When it comes to ghosting my therapist always says, “no response is a response.”

Ghosting is a response.

It’s telling you that person no longer wants to be in contact with you. They don’t want to be your friend, or your lover, or your dog walker, or whatever. When I get ghosted, I just let it be. I understand it as a complete response, and I move on. Does it hurt? Absolutely. But no more than being broken up with or being someone’s punching bag who lashes out in anger or being involved in a screaming match.

Before I understood that no answer is an answer, I used to bemoan being ghosted. But now I smile and move on; I hope you can too!

K.A. on An Unknown Adventure (Podcast and Blogging) heading into full time vanlife! Writer: 18 Novels Written, 11 Published.

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