Author Selfie — Reading one of my PNR Books

I can’t change others, but I can change myself

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Become more productive, energized, and joyful with a simple daily stretching routine

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Letting go of perfection is the key to success

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Step One: Identify the cause. Step Two: Fix the problem

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While most people have body pain once in a while (acute), others have it constantly (chronic). But did you know that this pain can come from day-to-day things we do incorrectly without even thinking about it?

Learn to tell the difference between hard work and overwork

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Hard Working or Working Hard

Why does society deem us unloveable and unworthy?

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Society has deemed me worthless because I am single; and doubly so because I am also childless.

The “Talk”

I’m 55, I’ve reinvented myself numerous times, and I’m not about to stop

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You can only live a balanced life by taking care of yourself

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Writer and Indie Author. Circus Enthusiast. Adventure Seeker. Beginning Full-Time Vanlife. An Unknown Adventure Podcast.

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