The Move to Full Time #Vanlife

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One year ago this month my life changed forever. Life is like that. One moment you’re headed down a manicured, well-groomed path. The birds are chirping a happy, welcoming melody. Your upturned face warms with the dappled glow of afternoon sunlight twisting through the trees. Glowing leaves dance to the birdsong and the air is palpable, heavily laden with promise.

So magical is the moment that you lose track of time. Maybe you’re enjoying the wonders of nature, maybe you’ve hopped down a rabbit hole of thoughts. Whatever the reason, and maybe there’s no reason at all, you accidentally turn…

Achieving Life Balance

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What happens when we leave workaholism behind and focus, even for one minute a day on self-care? What about adding one day off per week?

I’ve worked forty years without a break. Sure I took a vacation or two a year, for half of those years but that does not make a dent in an eighty-hour workweek. For the past eight years I worked two full-time jobs, seven days a week. Even when I could eek out any amount of vacation time, I worked through the entirety of each “vacation”. One of my jobs was to pay bills and rent and the other was a passion project (writing novels). I spent years throwing myself into work at the expense of relationships and fun but worse…

Why No Response IS a Response

Have you ever been excited about the prospect of a new life change or a major decision? You want to scream it from the rooftops; you want to tell every single person you know, all your friends, your family, your coworkers, and so you do. But what happens when the people you tell are neither unsupportive nor supportive, but instead they ghost you.

Ghosting has been happening for as long as I can remember, long before there was a word for it. But before we assigned a clear definition and before we talked about it openly and before everyone around…

It’s Never Too Late For a Major Life Change

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Want to change something in your life? Start something new? Pivot one-eighty, but you don’t know how? Or you’re afraid? Maybe something else is holding you back. Most likely, the thought is completely overwhelming and I agree, but continue reading for some ways to break it down into bite-sized chunks.

You’re ready to take the leap, or maybe you’re almost ready. Change is scary. There are no two ways around it. Some people run toward change and love it and are excited by it but most of us do not. …

When People in Your Life are Not Supportive of Big Changes

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You’ve formulated a life-changing plan. You’re brimming with excitement and you can’t wait to share this nugget with every person you know. You start with your best friend and move on to your family, but each person you tell has a negative reaction. Sound familiar? Is your life filled with naysayers who proclaim that they only want what is best for you regardless of what you believe is best for yourself? Is there a way to overcome this? In my experience, there are several options.

A year ago this month, everything changed for me. It was one of those moments…

Learn how and start today!

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6 simple techniques to encourage meditation. Try each one and find what work best for you.

If you work to live, chances are you’re stressed. One of the best ways to start de-stressing today that won’t cost you anything, is to learn how to meditate.

First — sit in a comfortable position either crossing your legs on a cushion on the floor or sitting comfortably on a chair, the bed or the couch.

1. Zen Meditation — Counting your breath

Close your eyes. Breathe a normal breath in and then out — count it. One. Another breath in and out. Two. Do this until you reach ten and then start again at one.

2. Vipassana Meditation…

Aerial Circus Workouts at 55-Years-Old

Me on the Trapeze this week, at 55-years-old

When people complain about working out I know it’s because they haven’t found what lights them up yet. While there are so many amazing mainstream work outs available, working out is NOT a one size fits all. I want to love running and yoga, but I do not. This is a blog post about how I discovered my passion, in my forties, of aerial circus workouts. I hope my story will inspire and encourage you to look at non-alternative ways of working out.

I am now in my mid-fifties and have a myriad of injuries and body challenges, but I…

A Solo Female Traveler’s Perspective

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Safety is the biggest “issue” with nomading, especially for women, the LGBTQ+ community and POC. And by “issue” I mean that it’s the topic that everyone in your life will worry about. I’m not saying that safety isn’t #1 or that there won’t be issues, but this is something I will address now and, repeatedly along my adventures.

Not long ago, after work something a little unsettling happened, which is what prompted me to write this. I was leaving work and going to the dumpster in the parking lot to throw away a lot of trash. I work in healthcare…

Why Do Some People Need to Rain On Our Parade?

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Whenever you make a decision that’s outside of the norm, there will be push back. If you have a life full of supportive people, consider yourself lucky. This is rare. More likely, people will have reactions and opinions to what you are choosing to do.

I’ve always been the kind of person who goes after what I want and often my dreams are unconventional. My family (parents) are the opposite. They had 1.5 kids (I’m the .5 LOL). They moved into the perfect house with the perfect number of bedrooms. My father worked a full-time job to support my mother…

A Personal Account — Can You Relate?

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First a quick reminder about the travel aspect of #vanlife. If you don’t like to travel, you can still live in a van if you have somewhere to park it long term. But the idea of van living sprung from travel. Setting yourself free on the open road, finding your rhythm with nature, exploring hidden wonderlands and discovering yourself. There is a 2015 movie based on a true story about a lady who lives in a stationary van. …

Kimberly Anne

K.A. on An Unknown Adventure (Podcast and Blogging) heading into full time vanlife! Writer: 18 Novels Written, 11 Published.

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